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All our fire protection systems are developed from the ground up with only the most trusted names in the fire safety industry.  Partnered with Edwards UTC and Kidde, and servicing many other brands such as Silent Knight, Firelite, and Honeywell, Recore Technologies is equipped for installations in virtually any environment, any size at any scale. We use our extensive knowledge and experience in fire protection systems to find the perfect solution to your fire protection needs as well as competitive pricing and complete our projects in safely, timely and efficiently.

Relax with the peace of mind that only comes when you partner with a verified and factory certified partner like us. Our life safety systems come with custom benefits:

  • Edwards Strategic Partner
  • Kidde Engineered Systems Dealer
  • Service for your current system
  • Build upon existing systems
  • Upgrading of entire existing systems
  • Virtually any combination of options you would want is available
  • Custom install of all types of life safety systems
  • In house drafted designed networks based on your buildings layout
  • Handled by National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) certified technicians
  • Conform with all your state and local fire safety codes
  • Wireless and IP monitoring
  • Voice Evacuation
  • Area Refuge
  • Fire Sprinkler monitoring
  • Real-time reporting
  • Nurse Call Systems


As well as installations, testing and inspections Recore can also service and repair most fire alarm systems. With our highly qualified and dedicated service technicians we can take on any fire alarm or related system’s needs. We service the following manufacturers’ equipment:

  • Ademco
  • Bosch**
  • Detection Systems
  • Edwards
  • Faraday**
  • Fire-Lite
  • Gentex Corporation
  • Notifier**
  • Siemens**
  • Silent Knight
  • Simplex**
  • Spaceage Electronics
  • System Sensor
  • Vigilant
  • TechTone
  • Housing Devices
  • Cornell
  • ** Repair and parts replacement only


We inspect fire alarm systems throughout the Carolinas, and if they are in need of repair, we have the knowledge and tools to do most jobs quickly and effectively. Utilizing the latest software provided by, we provide online and mobile inspection software and tools to ensure the safety and compliance for commercial and industrial facilities. On any given day, you will find our team inspecting alarms or servicing related systems to ensure they are code compliant and functioning at maximum capacity. Call today to schedule your inspection!

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RecoreNet provides industry leading security and fire alarm system monitoring and alerting, allowing you to be notified in the shortest time possible. In the unfortunate incident of an intruder or fire at your business or facility, reporting and notification time can be the difference between minor incidents and containment to catastrophic loss. In such an event, authorities must be notified instantaneously to eliminate total loss and business closures. RecoreNet offers signal transmissions within 1 to 3 seconds to our UL listed central monitoring station, while other forms of communication can take up to 45 to 60 seconds and rely on public services such as phone lines, cellular towers, etc. RecoreNet is a private connection between your business and our award winning central monitoring station with 100% reliability using similar frequencies currently in use by local and state emergency responders.

  • Web and mobile based monitoring data
  • Compatible with all security and fire alarm panels!
  • No PHONE LINES required!
  • Signals are transmitted between 1-3 seconds which provides more than 100% faster response times to any emergency situation.
  • Complies with all federal, state and local laws, codes and standards!
  • Communication signals can travel up to 8 paths versus 2 for analog lines!
  • NFPA and UL 864 Edition 9 compliant!

How it works?

Security and Fire alarm panels are connected to remote transceiver module. Each transceiver relays its data in distances measured in miles, to the central receiver via wireless mesh network communication. Transmissions uses a “hop” technology to increase distance by transmitting off existing wireless transceivers located in neighboring locations until reaching the central station. The Central Receiver relays the data to alarm automation software for processing. Transmissions can travel up to 8 available routes if original transmission cannot be made in a single route. Shortest and fastest routes are automatically chosen within the system. The network dynamically and automatically adapts to changes in the network caused by weather changes, obstruction changes, the addition or subtraction of other transceivers in the network, etc. so that it is highly redundant and reliable.

What is wireless mesh network?

Wireless mesh networks are the newest innovation in wireless technology. Used by many industries with a need to communicate data over a large geographic area with a high level of reliability. The patented wireless mesh network consists of a long-range wireless-based system providing multiple paths for data transfer. It is a wireless mesh network that provides more reliability, more redundancy and faster signal transmission than any existing wired or wireless network technology available. Furthermore, since the monitoring transceivers themselves make up the network negating the need for additional towers, the network is self-enrolling and managing, negating the need for advanced network engineering expertise. The fact that there are no monthly fees paid to a network operator to maintain this network, a wireless mesh network offers the lowest cost of ownership possible.


Recore Technologies specializes in Low-Voltage Electrical Drafting, we provide drafting solutions for Fire Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, I/T, and much more. Using industry-specific software, we can modify your existing drawings or create new ones to your standards. Our Designers/Drafters can transform your ideas and sketches into detailed working drawings. We can work with partial or completed previous designs. We have the ability to take your conceptual idea to final as-builts. We have helped mechanical/electrical engineers and engineering firms satisfy their clients’ needs and all our work is completed in-house. Our experience includes:

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Security Alarm Systems
  • Access Control
  • I/T Systems
  • CCTV
  • Site Plans
  • Design-Build Drawings
  • As-Build Drawings
  • Point-to-Point Drawings (Riser Diagrams)
  • Battery & Voltage Drop Calculations
  • Component Detail Drawings
  • Nurse Call Stations