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For over 30 years Recore Electrical Contractors has taken pride in providing an innovative workplace that values and protects its employees. Because of the way we conduct business and manage employees we have an employee turnover rate much lower than the industry average for commercial and industrial electrical contractors. We have a concise list of 5 items that we abide by to ensure that our employees are working in a safe and clutter free environment. This also insures that our employees stay with us and continue to develop their skills in a safe manner.


  • Exceed all applicable OSHA, NFPA, and NEC regulatory requirements.
  • We only partner with safe, reliable, and trustworthy suppliers to provide the safest and most effective products and resources.
  • Ensure every employee knows the hazards of common and even uncommon work environments.
  • We measure and conduct safety reviews constantly to make sure everything is above our rigid safety codes.
  • All field personnel in a supervisory position are required to have completed OSHA30 training.

We feel a great deal of pride in knowing that we are one of the safest electrical contracting companies in the greater Charlotte area. Recore has consistently maintained an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) well below the required industry standard 1.0. With our current .74 EMR, we can safely say that our company is a step above the rest in insuring our projects are completed with the utmost seriousness and professionalism.


Recore Electrical Contractors Inc. along with all its divisions has made a commitment to providing only the highest quality services and products. In everything we do that commitment is withheld to the utmost degree. We take every job seriously with a guarantee of professionalism and caution that is expected when you work in the electrical, installation, and security fields.

Our quality approach is not just exclusive to the work we do or our materials. We also show it with our choice of company leadership and workforce. The end of a project is always a time to reflect on the work we did. We are constantly looking to the past to try and find ways to improve for the future. When you work with Recore you are not working with a company that does the same job the same way every time because “that’s the way we always did it”, you are working with a company that always strives to give a better experience and do better work than they did the day before.