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An on-going expansion of Cargill Foods – Charlotte, NC vegetable oils refinery facility. This project includes everything from fiber-optic networking and PLC control panel assembly to main power distribution and wiring of new eqipment.

We have recently been involved in a complete refurbishment of the refinery section, beginning with controlled decomissioning, demolition and removal of existing systems and replacing with new wiring and conduit, motor controls, computerized control panels, and instrumentation.

Most of the refinery work has been accomplished while existing production lines continued to run, resulting in a minimum of downtime while new equipment was integrated into the system.

Complete installation of a new Dole Fresh Vegetables processing plant, including power distribution systems, lighting, conveyor lines, processing and packaging equipment. We installed wiring to dozens of networked computer control panels, with communications and instrumentation.

Our success on this project has been due to our stringent ability to follow the procedures for safety and hygiene that are so important in the food industry, as well as meeting the customer’s requirements for quality and performance.

Upgrades of plant power distribution and automation for Kellogg’s Foods. These have included improvements to production lines, conveyors, processing and packaging equipment in their two North Carolina plants. We are engaged in design and construction of control panels, installation, and commissioning of new equipment.

We have performed numerous automation updates to enhance control and operator safety such as upgrading controllers on batch processing equipment and specialized bar code scanners to route products on conveyor systems.

We recently completed an installation of our PlantWorks software in the Charlotte facility for monitoring and control of raw material dispensing and inventory, with integration into plant networked manufacturing systems.

Installation of a new 80 foot ceramics kiln at NGK Ceramics, with over five miles of specialized high-temperature wiring to monitor and control the process. This was our second kiln installation at this plant. These massive three-story-high units each have over fifty individual electrical panels, hundreds of probes, sensors, and transmitters, multiple motors up to 350 & 500 horsepower, and fully computerized controls.


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Recore Technologies to you. During the past year our hotel underwent a complete fire system upgrade. Before the project began it was stipulated that Marriott had a major concern for quality and attention to detail.

They exceeded our expectations from the beginning to the end of the project by explaining in detail what the project entailed and how it would be implemented. They did not disappoint. The project was done very professionally and in a timely manner, even when they came across unforeseen obstacles, we were always made aware. The knowledge and creativity of Recore resulted in such impressive results.

To this day they continue to answer all my questions concerning this project, and I strongly recommend the services of Recore Technologies a company that I would gladly work with in the future.

Frank Mells
Chief Engineer
Residence Inn, Marriot